Louis Brown

Louis Brown

aka SF DTB

Louis Brown better known by his stage name SF DTB, is an American hip hop artist from Troy, New York. He is a member of the Straight Forward Music Group.

DTB was raised in Troy by his Mother with his two sisters and two brothers. Growing up DTB was not very fond of sports, instead he liked to spend his time hanging out with friends. DTB lived the majority of his life in Troy, but for brief periods of time lived in New York City and Florida. DTB’s father re entered his life after coming home from jail when DTB was thirteen years old. He remains close to his father today.

DTB found inspiration to rap watching his friend SF Wooh make music. He started dabbling in some music in 2012, but did not take it very seriously. When his friends Karter and Reek died DTB started to change. He decided to take rap more seriously in because he saw rap as an opportunity to make his living situation better. He made a song titled Party that talks about partying hard drinking and smoking like he never drank before. He did not release the song, but the song showed great potential for DTB.

In 2016 DTB joined the Straight Forward Music Group, joining friends SF Loso, SF Foe, SF Wooh, SF 57, SF Mula, and SF Stacks. On August 1, 2017 the group put out its debut mixtape, Straight Way. DTB appears on 7 songs on the tape including his solo track Wraith music. DTB’s music features braggadocious lyrics that show the lavish lifestyle he lives featuring Rolls Royce wraiths, Rolex watches, and bags of Money.

DTB likes to spend his free time relaxing smoking backwoods. Money is his main motivator, he spends a lot of time finding new ways to make money.