Quaran Gordon

Quaran Gordon

aka SF Kash

Quaran Gordon better known by his stage name SF Kash, is an American hip hop artist. He is a member of the Straight Forward Music Group.

Kash was raised by his mother and stepfather with five sisters and three brothers. He loved playing basketball as a kid, and was very good at it. He lived in Manhattan, New York until he was twelve, then he moved to Troy.

Kash is father to two young children, son Calvin Karter and daughter Honesty. Being a good father is very important to him. Kash takes pride in the fact that he will always be there for his kids. Kash’s real father was not the father figure in his life, so therefore he wants to be the father figure in his own kids’ lives.

At the age of 19 Kash was shot in his stomach. The incident happened when he heard gunshots coming from down the street. Kash stepped outside to see who was doing the shooting, and ended up getting hit with a stray bullet. Kash survived the incident but nearly lost his life. Kash views this event as one of the major turning points in his life that made him change for the better.

In 2017 Kash started rapping, and joined the Straight Forward Music Group. . He joined friends SF Loso, SF DTB, SF Foe, SF Wooh, and SF Stacks. On August 1, 2017 The group put out their Debut Mixtape, Straight Way. The mixtape has seen some success amassing 35,000 hits on MyMixtapez. Kash is featured on the track “We Ball,” and it is the first song he has ever put out.

In September of 2017 Kash put out the song “Life” with SF Mula and Jay Black. Kash’s verse tells the story of what his life used to be like, and how things seemed to have changed to the point where he feels like he is living an entirely different life.

Kash spends his free time playing basketball and spending time with his daughter. He sees rap as a way to tell his story and better his living situation. He has the goals of moving out of troy and providing a better life for his kids.