Discover New York’s Up-and-Coming Rap Group

Straight Forward’s hip-hop is changing the game

Emerging from the same street in Troy, NY, the artists of Straight Forward continue to make career-defining strides in the rap game. From their humble beginnings on 6th Avenue, Straight Forward has gained local notoriety in the genre of “reality rap” in New York State. The crew speaks about the trials and tribulations of urban youth in New York. Through bold beats and unrelenting lyrics, Straight Forward speaks the truth about what it’s like to grow up on the streets and how success doesn’t come easy for anybody. Through perseverance, the group has transformed a circumstantial hobby into a full-fledged passion.

You’ll find Straight Forward at a concert venue near you

Straight Forward is currently touring across the state of New York. The 8+ members of Straight Forward are performing at notable underground clubs for their come up in The Empire State. The group spits personal, memorable lyrics about surviving youth and where they see themselves in the future.

But Straight Forward isn’t only a rap group—as their success has grown, so has their interest in creating their own record label. Artists are craving to be a part of their circle, making their rap flow even more diverse and compelling for listeners of all ages.

From the streets of Troy to the center stage

The rappers of Straight Forward formed the group when they were kids. By growing up and experiencing similar hardships, the founders have formed a unique bond that comes across in their music. Experience the hardcore beats and unfiltered lyrics for yourself. Discover Straight Forward on YouTube or at a live show nearest you.